Geoff was born in Inglewood, California, and raised all over the place. At the age of 14, he borrowed a guitar and never really gave it back. He learned to play along with the records he loved in high school: The Jesus and Mary Chain, the Pixies, Joy Division, Wire. When he later immersed himself in more traditional folk music by the likes of Mississippi John Hurt, Woody Guthrie, Nick Drake, and Bob Dylan, he began trying to blend virtuoso finger-picking, folk urgency, punk energy, introspective honesty, and poetic lyricality.

In 2001, Geoff found himself in Berlin, Germany. To fulfill a promise made to a friend who had recently passed away, Geoff found a cheap recording studio and recorded demos of every song he’d ever written. A few months later, in the spring of 2002, he hauled a couple dozen of these songs out of his closet and played them to friends in a small bar. They seemed to like them, so he played for four hours straight. When Geoff returned to the States in late 2002, he started gigging regularly in New Jersey and New York City. It proved a fateful move; provided with a steady outlet, songs came pouring out of him at an alarming rate.

In 2004, and largely as respite from the two other recording projects already underway, Geoff wrote and performed all but one of the songs for an EP called Songs in the Key of Loooop, a rich blend of electronica, sloppy bar-rock, and spoken word that found frequent local airplay.

Three months later, Geoff released a handful of political songs, Patriot Acts, which went on to scattered national radio play in the States and international play in Europe and Canada. Patriot Acts, since then, has sold widely and been an "Editor's Pick" on CD Baby. Thomas Florek, host of Channel 30-Princeton's Cafe Improv, called the CD "important . . . one of the most powerful political statements to be made in American pop music," and London’s Time Out praised it as a “fine line in protest song.”

In November of 2004, the full-length debut, Know the Rain Here, was released. Web-based and traditional radio in NYC and New Jersey picked it up, and it has since found the support of independent radio stations across the USA and Europe. Geoff was a featured artist on Harris Radio in Brooklyn and briefly shared the top 10 on WRSU-FM in New Brunswick with the likes of Marianne Faithful, Kings of Leon, Ani DiFranco and Pete Yorn. In the summer of 2005, he was invited to play at the San Diego Indie Music Fest and was a featured artist on, where he recorded 6 songs and an interview.

After a successful tour of the U.K., Holland and Ireland in the spring of 2006, Geoff moved to the forests of northern California, where he resumed writing and recording. A 5-song EP, Adding Up the Everything We Lost, will be released in late December of 2008, and Where Are You Now?, a second full-length album, will be done by the summer of 2009.