Great young US singer-songwriter with a fine line in protest song.
- Time Out (London)

A rare combination of effortless fingerpicking, mesmerizing vocals, deep lyrics and beautiful melodies.
- Jeff Lisciandrello, Upstage Magazine (NJ)

...a contribution to the good fight...a bright spark in a naughty world...
- David Constantine, poet

On his breakthrough release, "Patriot Acts," New Jersey singer-songwriter Geoff Baker brought a razor-sharp wit and good-natured humor as well as a touching empathy to the folk protest song arena, elevating his songs above the standard rhetoric. These qualities permeate Geoff's latest collection of songs, "Know the Rain Here," which applies this same flawless songwriting to a wide range of areas of the human experience.

Very nice addition to the singer songwriter tradition. Baker, from California, plans to release a trilogy of five song EPs this year and if they are as good as this, the initial instalment, they will be well worth watching out for. Playing the majority of the instruments himself and with some excellent lyrics Baker seems to work in same field as vintage Paul Simon or Jackson Browne. Referencing, among others,Dylan, Van Morrison and The Grateful Dead these are in the main forlorn love songs, stories of young lovers' relationships gone wrong. In “Indiana” the singer is heading from New York after a beating (him or her? It doesn’t tell). In “Hope is not a Compass, It’s a Cloud” his girl leaves him because he can’t tolerate the length of Grateful dead songs. There are arresting images and descriptions, “I’d never seen your old man look so old/Like someone took his air and left him standing there” and “I woke up next to you the morning your divorce came through/Backseat in a Little Rock parking lot with a head too hurt to be true/You prayed for love sweet love but baby I’m all they sent/Not much to look at or shake a book at but good for half the rent. With a pleasant voice and a twinkling brace of instrumental flourishes on several of the songs Baker promises much and here delivers it. Hopefully the rest of his trilogy is of a similar calibre. 8 out of 10 stars
- Paul Kerr, Americana UK

Geoff Baker is a young American singer-songwriter who understands the rare art of writing accessible, folky popsongs and poppy folksongs with clever hooks. In his political tunes, he is bitter but never sour, and always funny, and he is just as good at writing fragile ballads, sweet waltzes and dreamy, brooding songs. [Baker is een jonge Amerikaanse singer-songwriter die de zeldzame kunst verstaat vlot toegankelijke folky popsongs en poppy folksongs te schrijven en tegelijk clever uit de hoek te komen. In zijn politieke songs is hij scherpzinnig, maar nooit wrang en altijd grappig. Maar evengoed schrijft hij fragiele liefdesliedjes, lieflijke walsjes en mijmerende songs.]
- Duke J, Rootstime, Belgium